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The Purchasing Department was aware of the need to nationalize large part assemblies due to high import duties, transportation costs and complex production logistics. The molder and Metton America worked with Iveco Engineering to optimize the part designs. In March 2009, a Metton LMR option had been specified for the bumper and grille. Metton LMR starts as a liquid with no fiberglass or other fillers and injected into a closed mold cavity.

The cavity pressure is 15 to 30 psi so large parts are easily moldable in aluminum molds (prototype in composite molds) with a cycle time in the 4 to 6 minute range. Both the bumper and grille are two-piece designs so the inner reinforcement and outer-skins are bonded with a structural adhesive which has excellent pay day loan. The molder had been molding and bonding a spoiler for the Fiat Strada Pickup truck since 1999.

They have molded more than 400,000 part sets from payday loans no credit check the same-machined aluminum mold and they believe it will pay day loan more than 1,000,000 parts. Pay day loan, the molder needed to expand production capacity. They selected the Afros Division of Cannon (Italy) for their reaction injection molding (RIM) unit. They selected an A Compact 200 FC injection unit with the capacity to inject up to 40 kg shots with a multi mix-head control system to allow up to five molds in serial production.

The Iveco Stralis bumper and grille for the Brasil and Argentina pay day loan started full production in June, 2011. In Europe, the parts are injection molded with ABS outer skins and fiberglass reinforced polypropylene inner reinforcements.

Metton LMR has better low temperature impact, excellent adhesive bond strength, paint adhesion and dramatically lower tooling cost. The molder is INBRASP located in Botucatu, SP, Brasil. Search Iveco Stralis Bumper and Grille Iveco is part of the Fiat Group headquartered in Turin, Italy with global assembly operations. METTON Mechanical Properties METTON'S process and material capabilities result in a new design freedom for replacing traditional materials such as metal, wood and fiberglass.

View METTON Applications Visit our photo gallery to see METTON parts in applications such as Heavy Trucks, Agricultural and Heavey Equipment and Industrial Products.

You can attach up to 5 files in JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF format (max. You can add description to each file. By uploading files you agree with Terms of use. In fleet number it's possible to use questionmark and asterisk (wildcards) besides any character. For example, if ". For example, "1821", "2835" or "4894" would be found. String (besides registration number) can be entered not only by wildcards (.

If string doesn't contain quotes and words are divided by space, all records with word before space or word after space will be found. Group that offers its customers a complete range of advanced services and solutions in the sphere of Supply Chain Execution.

These range from the design and modelling of logistic procedures to the design of turnkey application solutions in addition to the introduction of new technologies. IVECO Defence Vehicles (IVECO DV), market leading manufacturer of defence and civil protection vehicles (trucks, armoured vehicles, protected and multipurpose vehicles), forms part of the IVECO group. With an international sales force and a network of service centres, the company enjoys global presence on both a technical and commercial level.

All Company skills are concentrated at the Bolzano site, which come together successfully to form IVECO Defence Vehicles. Present: a research and development centre dedicated to defence and civil protection vehicles with specialist IVECO skills focusing on the various product segment, a sales and marketing department, an aftersales service, a production site specialising in protected and multipurpose vehicles, and a replacement parts warehouse, which supplies the various military consumers.

At the replacement parts warehouse in Bolzano, all parts destined for direct clients, both in Italy and abroad, are received, stored and shipped. Incoming goods are identified and stored in the various zones within the warehouse until client orders are received. In order to maximise the levels of service and optimise parts management, IVECO DV made the decision to adopt a market WMS solution for the Bolzano site.

The second need, a need for a system that enabled the Company not only to manage routine stock operations, but also to check the status of orders. To access the system, no local installation is necessary, simply an Internet connection and a browser are required. In this way, managers of foreign warehouses can also easily monitor and manage their inventory in real-time. The system allows orders leaving Italy to be filtered, authorising only the shipping of parts that have the required authorisation, up to the point of order completion.

Customisation was introduced to complete the procedure, assisting users with the necessary customs formalities. Red Reply has won two Oracle awards for its repeatedly successful implementation of innovative ideas based on Oracle cloud services: in early October, Red Reply received the "1st Order, Lift and Shift Apps Unlimited to Cloud Machine" prize at the Oracle Open World Conference in San Francisco and the "Partner Excellence Award" at the Oracle Partner Day in Frankfurt on 14 November 2017.

Siram and Tecnocasa have received a prestigious award from Oracle in recognition of the Cloud projects developed, respectively, in collaboration with Business Reply and Red Reply.

Reply has been recognized as the leading accelerator by the independent IT research and consulting firm Crisp Research in its latest survey on the market segment "Managed Public Cloud Provider". The companyIVECO Defence Vehicles (IVECO DV), market leading manufacturer of defence and civil protection vehicles (trucks, armoured vehicles, protected and multipurpose vehicles), forms part of the IVECO group.

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